Pest Control Quiz: What is the most likely place to find bed bugs?

You guessed it. And with increasing regularity, that’s where they’re ending up. Bed bug infestation is the nation’s fastest growing pest control challenge, and all indications are that it’s mushrooming. From hotels to homes to hostels, anywhere people take their rest, so do these unwanted bunk mates.

Bed bugs are nearly invisible
Yes, you can see them with the human eye…if you’re really looking for them, and you know where to look. Of course even if you do find bed bugs, what do you do? Washing or discarding sheets and blankets? They’ll remain behind in your mattress. Buy a new queen set? They’ll be waiting in the carpet to eagerly welcome your new bedding.

Since this fast-growing problem has exploded onto the pest control scene, industry experts have been hard at work developing protocols for identifying and isolating bed bug concentrations. At the same time, they have been in the lab designing new treatment materials and processes to address it. As always, the twin objectives of effectiveness and consumer safety have been at the forefront of their research. The end result is a whole new generation of highly effective eradication strategies.

A promise, not a prayer
The old nighttime wish says, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Back in the day, it was a fond hope. Today, this has become a pest control mantra. Armed with new tools, the industry is equipped to determine whether you have a bed bug problem, find it, deal with it and make sure it doesn’t come back to bite you. The end result is uninterrupted sleep and sweet dreams for the confident consumer.

In your area, no provider is more prepared for the challenge of bed bugs than Yates Astro.

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