Yates-Astro offers best local termite protection

We buy insurance for all types of protection, whether it’s for our health or our valuables. Your home is one of your largest valuables. Don’t trust that normal homeowners’ insurance covers it all, like termite damage. Termite damage is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy even though termites are responsible for more damage every [...] Read More >

State finds Yates-Astro not responsible for recent Tybee Island bee deaths

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has found Yates-Astro Termite & Pest Control did not kill bees on Tybee Island, according to their official report. The city of Tybee Island contracted with Yates-Astro to treat fire ant mounds in Jaycee Park in May. State inspectors tested soil and bee samples from the area, collected by David [...] Read More >

Why are cockroaches so hard to kill?

Nobody wants to turn on a light in their home to find a brown bug scurry across the floor. In southeast Georgia, it happens all the time. You may not want to hear it, but there are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches on the planet! The good news: only 30 species have adapted to [...] Read More >

Earwigs and Silverfish: What’s true?

Earwigs and silverfish are common household pests with flat-bodies that like to feed when you are sleeping. Earwigs are a medium-sized insect, brown or black in color–some with stripes or reddish coloring on their head and limbs–and have pincher-looking forceps used as defense mechanism. Silverfish are also a medium-sized insect, gray or silver in color, [...] Read More >

Yates-Astro Termite and Pest Control

Savannah’s gracious homes and historic buildings attract more than tourists.  With our unique coastal ecosystem, Georgia leads the nation in the incidence of termite damage to residential property.  Subterranean termites represent a greater threat to property in Savannah than tornadoes, fire, and hurricanes combined. Since 1928, Yates-Astro Termite and Pest Control has been helping local [...] Read More >

Yates-Astro: The Best Termite Warranty In The Business

We buy insurance to protect us from all types of possible maladies:  Health, car, boat, life, fire, theft…the list goes on and on.  Having a termite warranty on your home is a responsible protection all homeowners need as well. As with most insurance policies, they are only as good as the company that stands behind [...] Read More >

How To Choose A Pest Control Company

All you need to do is look in the Yellow Pages to have your head spin as to which pest control company can best meet your needs.   On the surface, all pest control companies look alike.  This “tip of the iceberg” view, however, only represents a fraction of what you need to know. In making [...] Read More >

Termitology: What Homeowners Need To Know About Termites

As a homeowner in Southeast Georgia, you live in the most termite-infested region of the United States.  That means you need to know better than anyone the signs of termite activity and how to prevent termite damage.  Specifically, the Subterranean Termite. “Subterranean” means just what it says; termites live underground and seek wood from their [...] Read More >

Nite, Nite….Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

We all heard this as children.  These “mythical” creatures were up there with unicorns, leprechauns, and the man in the moon.  However, they were, and are, very real.   Up until World War II, bedbugs were common, but they were essentially eliminated around that time.  However, they’ve made a resurgence in recent years and are becoming [...] Read More >

Yates-Astro Has Gone “Green”

The Astro-Shield Green Protection Plan We have been effectively and safely protecting area homes and businesses for over 60 years. During that time we have been on the leading edge of improvements in pest control techniques which have maintained their effectiveness while having minimal impact on the environment. Today, our most recent effort to become [...] Read More >