Pest Control Myth #137: You must have a pet to have household fleas

Actually the only thing you need to have household fleas is…well…household fleas.

Pesky fleas are world class hitchhikers. Pest control experts will tell you fleas will invade your homestead attached to shoes, clothing, houseplants or grandchildren. And once they’ve made it past your defenses, they are unrivalled in their ability to generate offspring.

Early indications of flea infestation
Black dots on your ankles. At first, you think they’re specks of dirt. Then, you realize they are hopping around. Unfortunately, by the time you notice them, they have taken over your carpet and corners.

Forget the spray cans. You can blanket your house with a fog befitting London and you won’t solve the problem. Sending Fido to the groomer for a dip might get him flea-free, but the pest control crisis will continue unabated on your home front. And it’s not just about the biting. Fleas are known carriers for a whole list of unsavory diseases.

Making the Fleas Flee
Your only guaranteed remedy is a comprehensive eradication program. Your pest control professional must evaluate the locations and density of your infestation. They’ll treat not only for live adults, but also for the gestating eggs that promise a return to a full blown population quicker than you can say ouch. Not only will they treat inside your home, they’ll also address your surrounding property to take care of the more clever fleas waiting for your puppy’s next romp in the yard. And they’ll do it all with safety approved materials.

So while there are a whole bunch of ways for fleas to get into your house, there’s only one proven way to get rid of them…a comprehensive elimination strategy. Yates Astro is your area’s established pest control leader in household and commercial mitigation of fleas.

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