Do You Need Pest Control Year-Round in Georgia?

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Pests are a problem every season, so you should have pest control year-round. 

Not many people think about pests until they become a problem, which can sometimes be too late. Every season has annoying pests that can cause havoc around your home or commercial property. 

Winter Pests in Georgia

Rats are the most common pests during the winter months. They come inside looking for warmth, food, and water as the weather gets colder. Like rodents, cockroaches also search for more hospitable refuge in the cold weather. Although cockroaches are more active in the summer, you will still see them in winter, looking for a food and water source in and around your home. Silverfish, spiders, ants, and termites don’t disappear just because it’s cold outside, it is important to have a protective barrier around your home to avoid any run-ins with pests even in the winter.

Spring Pests in Georgia

Living in the southern part of the country, some insects stay around all year, so you always have to keep an eye out. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitos are some of the most common pests that become a problem in the spring months. Of course, these are mostly outdoor pests but can be easily controlled with treatments in your yard. If you have kids or pets that spend time outdoors, early spring is the perfect time to set up preventative treatments.

Summer Pests in Georgia

In the summer, the warm weather encourages breeding, which means that there are more cockroaches looking for food in a home. Fire ants and mosquitos are other popular pests that Georgians deal with throughout the summer. Although you may see fire ant hills during the year, they only leave the hill in the warmer weather. Calling a pest control company to prevent the hills or colonies from becoming a larger problem is a good idea in early summer. 

Fall Pests in Georgia

One of the most common insects in the fall is the Boxelder bug, commonly known as a form of stink bug. Fortunately, these insects are harmless to humans, but that doesn't make them any less annoying. They usually enter buildings and homes during this time of the year in preparation for the winter. Like all other bugs, they're seeking warmer shelter. The autumn months also bring about everyone's favorite – spiders! A bimonthly pest control service provides a barrier to prevent these pests from getting inside.

Pest Control Year-Round

Unfortunately, pests never really go away throughout the year. Living in a climate like southeast Georgia, there will always be some kind of insect, which means we never get a break from them. Some pests can even be seen throughout your home all the time. The best way to control varying seasonal pest problems is to have a professional pest control company provide a protective barrier around your property. Stop them before they come in!

Yates-Astro Pest Control

Yates-Astro Termite & Pest Control has been serving Southeast Georgia since 1928. Don't hesitate to call or reach out on our website for a consultation or any questions. We're here to help you keep the pests away all year long.

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