Everything You Need To Know About Our Mosquito Services

Yates Astro Mosquito Services

While mosquitoes are often known as summer pests, they’re usually year-round here in Georgia. So how do you deal with them?

Many people think that bug spray or citronella candles are the answer to all of their mosquito problems and while that can help, there are better solutions! Getting your yard professionally serviced and treated for mosquitos is the best way to prevent these suckers from getting to you. So, how does Yates-Astro do it? Well, read on to find out!

When To Get Your Yards Serviced

As mosquitos in Georgia are a year-round pest, you can pretty much get your yard serviced with our prevention method whenever you want. We recommend at least starting in March when the weather warms up to get ready for spring and summer.

Our Services and Prevention Methods

Mosquito fogging is a method of pest control to kill or repel mosquitos in outdoor areas. A fine mist or fog of insecticides is released into the air using specialized equipment, such as a vehicle-mounted sprayer or backpack. The fog contains tiny droplets of pesticide that can be sprayed on foliage and other areas where mosquitos like to rest and breed. This service should be repeated every month by your pest control technician.

Mosquito fogging is normally done in the early morning or evening when mosquitos are most active, and when other beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees are less likely to be around. This is a popular method of mosquito control in areas where mosquitos are a serious health problem, as they carry diseases such as West Nile and Zika viruses.

Mosquito buckets are a type of mosquito control device that attacks and kills female mosquitos and their larvae. The bucket works by using stagnant water, an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, as a trap to lure and infect the females and their eggs. The bucket is laced with a larvicide that contaminates the water in which the female breeds and lays her eggs. She then flies from water source to water source contaminating that water too. She will eventually die within two days but not before poisoning her own young and preventing more mosquitos. The bucket should be placed in a shady location where mosquitos like to rest and breed such as low trees and bushes and standing water.

Mosquito buckets are a simple and effective way to control the mosquito population in your yard. It is important to remember to empty and refill the bucket with fresh water every month to prevent algae and fungus that can reduce the effectiveness of the trap. This does not attract bees and butterflies, it strictly lures female mosquitos.

Your pest control technician will set up your bucket and will return monthly to refresh water and larvicide.

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