Georgia Mosquito Control with Mosquito Buckets

Georgia Mosquito Control

Looking to control mosquitoes in Georgia? Our mosquito control buckets from In2Care are a great option.

Last month we shared the two prevention methods used by Yates-Astro to control mosquitoes in your yard. Fogging is one option that technicians complete while they are at your property, and they take all equipment with them on the same day. The mosquito buckets, however, stay on-site at your property. For those utilizing the mosquito bucket option, you may be wondering what it will look like to have the bucket in your yard.

In2Care Mosquito Buckets for Georgia Pest Control

How do the mosquito buckets work?

As you can see in the video, the mosquito bucket works as a trap by luring the mosquito into the bucket. Once the mosquito enters the bucket, a special floater gauze coated with pesticides works to not only kill the breeding mosquito but also contaminate the larva she has just laid. The pesticide attaches to her legs and skin, spreading into the water where she has laid eggs. After laying her eggs, the mosquito flies to other nearby breeding grounds. The pesticides that still linger on her body are then transferred to those breeding grounds as well, killing any larva and stopping the growth of the mosquito population.

Will the mosquito bucket be an eyesore?

The bucket will not be an eyesore. Your technician will place the bucket in an ideal location for breeding mosquitoes but tucked away to not be a focal point in your yard. Mosquitoes like shady spots near water, so think hidden in the bushes or possibly sitting on the edge of a pond. Your technician will consult with you on the best options for placement and find a spot you are comfortable with.

I have pets; is there any risk to them?

The mosquito station is safe for all two- and four-legged family members. The active ingredients in the In2Care mosquito stations are not toxic to birds or mammals. They are also safe for friendly pollinators like butterflies, as the specific larvicides only attract mosquitoes.

Will I have to do anything to take care of the mosquito control buckets?

The only thing you need to do is enjoy your yard with fewer mosquitoes! Your technician will service the buckets monthly. At that time, they will refill the buckets with water and add more larvicide when needed.

We hope this was helpful in understanding more about the Georgia mosquito control buckets we use at Yates-Astro. We only utilize the best in pest prevention to always ensure you can trust in the quality we put out.

Mosquito Prevention in Savannah and Southeast Georgia

Yates-Astro is here to ensure you enjoy your spring and summer without the pesky addition of mosquitoes. Whether you are looking for monthly mosquito prevention services or need a treatment for an upcoming event, we are here to help! We have proudly served the Savannah area and beyond for over nine decades. Contact us to get started on ridding your yard of pesky mosquitoes this season.

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